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We are the partner of choice for company creation for scientists, corporates, research institutes and other initiators. We continuously improve our know-how to create successful businesses that achieve our purpose. We create and leverage our networks to build bridges between key stakeholders. We attract the best people and partners to our causes, projects and initiatives by our genuine commitment to entrepreneurship, eye-level partnership and collaboration.
... and most importantly we do what we enjoy!


Company Co-Founding
for Startups

We support scientific masterminds in bringing their ideas to market


You are the expert in your scientific field. We are your co-driver in bringing your science to business.
We always take an individual approach to your needs in following fields:

• Strategy Development
• Business Planning
• Investor Relations & Funding
• Partnering with relevant stakeholders
• Operational Set-up
• Management Support & CEO as a Service
• Mentoring & Advisory

Whether you are active in therapeutics, diagnostics, BioTech MedTech or any other adjacent field feel free to get in touch with us!

Corporate Innovation
for Corporates

We support corporates in realising their entrepreneurial visions


Scientific innovation increasingly happens inside corporates - leveraging on this puts your company over the competitive edge. We are your partner in bringing the entrepreneurial drive to your ideas, turning them into successful new products/ services, business entities or spin-offs. We support you with:

• Conceptualisation & Initiation of corporate innovation activities
• Ecosystem building & Stakeholder management
• Establishment of strategic partnerships
• Lean & flexible business building, including:
• Strategy development
• Business & Financial Planning
• Investors acquisition
• New Talent acquisition
• (Scientific) Project Management

Entrepreneurial activation
for Research Institutions

We support research institutions in activating their full entrepreneurial potential


Most disruptive innovations and technologies originate from research institutions. Once brought to market, they can have a significant impact on people’s health. We are your partner in leveraging this potential by supporting you with:

• Strategy Development
• Conceptualisation & Initiation of innovation activities
• Operational set-up of entrepreneurial platforms, initiatives and programs
• Establishment of strategic partnerships
• Community & Ecosystem building
• Management Support & CEO as a Service



At the heart of everything we do is our team’s fascination with sustainable entrepreneurship. With deep expertise in translation, access to networks and passion, we help you achieve scale and success.


Marco Janezic

Founder & Managing Partner

Marco Janezic
Elisabeth Karg

Dr. Elisabeth Karg


Dr. Elisabeth Karg

Naomi Kramer

Venture Assistant

Naomi Kramer

Diego Montero Solano

Project Manager

Diego Montero

Sonia Allinson-Penny

Talent Champ

Sonia Allinson-Penny

Alexandra Ciubotaru

Team Assistant

Alexandra Ciubotaru